Inspiring Children Quotes

Children quotes are designed to empower kids with positive self-motivation and inform their decision-making; same as for adult. Children need inspiration and guidance even more than the adults because they adopt the values of other and may need to understand and be inspired by these values. Below are some stimulating children’s quotes for the kids to ponder on as they take the morning bus to school.

Quote #1:

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, As long as you don’t stop”


If the child feels that the other kids are progressing at a faster rate than he or she is progressing, this particular quote will inspire their sense of perseverance and determination. This quote is to prepare the child for adulthood, especially when they find themselves stuck in a life which seems to be going nowhere. It imbues in them a non-quitting mentally, and besides these are great traits for the kids to have.

Quote #2:

“The more that you read,The more things you will know.The more that you learn,The more places you’ll go”

-Dr Seuss-

This quote is to encourage the child to inculcate a reading habit and the knowledge to accrue books. Reading builds the vocabulary bank of a child, as well as giving them insights into different cultures and living habits of other people. The knowledge gained will inspire the child in achieving amazing things. By reading, children literary share in the subject matter and experiences of the characters in the books.

Quote #3:

“You’re braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, And Smarter than you think”

-A.A. Milne

Self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem are the major lessons to derive from this children quote. Failure or success in any endeavor depends largely on the confidence of the child. So they should believe in themselves and they could literary walk on water throughout their life.

Quote #4:

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get,But from what we give”

-Ben Carson-

Children tend to ask and receive gifts from parents. The joy on their facial expression when they receive the presents is heartwarming. But it’s best to once a while, make them donate some of their toys for example of the less unfortunate. Have them be present and appreciate the joy of giving. I bet they will derive more pleasure from giving than receiving.

Quote #5:

“It’s not what happens to you, But how you react to it that matters”


Actually, this particular inspirational child quote is useful for most adults as well. Bullying, betrayal, teasing and pranks, are a few obstacles that the child needs to deal with growing up. Suffering these adversities and how they cope will make them a better person. And then advise them to always turn the other cheek when necessary, and not lose themselves in anger and retaliation.

The children should know these children quotes by heart. Let them, read it out loud daily and recite to themselves when they encounter similar trials. Being conversant with them will have a constant presence in their lives.

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